Divine LEDs is now Vont!

 In order to provide you with a wider selection of electronics and expand to products outside of LEDs we’re RE-BRANDING. 

Say hi to Vont. 

 Our philosophy still remains the same.  Create amazing products at amazing prices with amazing customer support. If you have any of our vintage “Divine LEDs” branded products – you are now a part of our company history. Your products are now collectibles. (That means you can eBay for them a fat profit!) Just kidding. 

So what does this mean for you?   


– Wider selection of exciting new products

– Lots of sales to celebrate this new change

– Us being more innovative and interactive than ever

– Upcoming loyalty program to reward our repeat customers

– & alot more surprises along the way

We’d like to thank our loyal customers for sticking with us throughout these years. We wouldn’t be here without and we will not let you down.





  1. John mcgrew

    Just got my exercise ball. Love it. Thank u so much.

  2. Dean Henrick

    I’ve been hyped with your products, what’s coming out in the future?

  3. William Traylor

    Just received my 2 pack of LED Camping lanterns a few hours ago. Haven’t had chance to use of course but got these since I’m in FL in the patch of Irma and I will probably lose power.

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