Step right into your best life.

Live life in color.

Match your mood with colored lights. Enhance deep work. Boost creative play.


Party in a strip.

Turn your space into a dream, a riot, a rousing light show.


Smart home made accessible.

We believe everyone should have access to premium smart home technology at an affordable price.

  • 300K rave reviews
  • 4M+ happy shoppers
  • 6M+ devices dropped
  • 24/7 customer care

What our Vont Explorers love

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    Our Customer Satisfaction Wizards are with you 24/7 – via live chat & support wizardry – in one swift click.

    The Vont magic doesn’t end here. You’re covered with our Lifetime Warranty and all its perks as long as you’re alive. 💀

    We’re all ears. With priority support, we offer deeper engagement to give you only the best shopping experience.

Rave Reviews

I have nothing but good to say about Vont products. The quality and durability far exceed my expectations! What a quality company!

Kevin H.

The person that helped me went above and beyond and she literally resolved my issue in her first reply to my inquiry. Honestly one of the best customer service interactions I’ve ever had!

Ashley B.

Vont has the best customer service! Which is very rare these days. They resolved my issue with no hassle or delay.

Michele W.

Vont Support Team does a great job of getting back to me rapidly. They live up to the company goals of “super-fast, blazing speed replies”. You have to love that!

Lee W.

The Vont team is very responsive. They respond to emails quickly. I haven’t seen customer service like this in years. Very good company and looking forward to my next purchase!


Awesome customer service! Very quick response. I had such a great experience with Vont, and I went back and ordered a few more of their products!

Susan K.

What a company – superior customer service! I will always think of Vont next time I need a product you offer. And I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.

John S.

Vont went above and beyond to make sure I was a satisfied customer. So grateful and what outstanding customer service, and really bright bike lights!

April K.

Vont has a model customer service department. They are prompt, thorough, and follow up to ensure satisfaction is met by the consumers. More companies should be so good as Vont. Thank you Vont!

Kathy P.

I was really impressed that Vont acted on my email concerning the malfunction of one of the night lights I received. They are a stand-up company that goes out of its way to satisfy its customers. Great service!

Tommisina C.

Vont customer service team is top-notch! Companies like Vont, who stand behind their products, will always have awesome customer service and win my repeated business and referrals!

James H.

Great customer service! You could teach other companies what great customer service looks like. Thank you!


Vont is always above and beyond, in my opinion, as far as customer service is concerned. I dealt with a lot over the years. Your company could write the book on how companies should deal with customers.


Thank you so much for the very fast service. I will spread the word of Vont’s great services and your company and products to my family and friends. Thank you again!

Saisamorn O.

The Vont Smart Body Scale gives a plethora of information. What’s particularly nice is the interface to my phone; the setup took seconds and was really easy to use.

Dermott C.

The style of the scale is sleek and will be easy to clean. With six pets in the house, being easy to clean is important. I keep this scale in the kitchen. Just seeing it helps me eat thoughtfully.

Happy H.

I’m impressed with the Vont Smart Bulbs. I’m not particularly tech-savvy, but I found these easy & fun to use. I also love the color mode!

Helen R.

I got the Vont Smart Bulb yesterday, and in less than 15 minutes: I installed them, downloaded the app, and set up the bulb. There’s even a music setting that changes color to the song you’re playing.

Matt M.

I ordered these because my daughter wanted to have LED strip lights in her room. They were brighter than I thought! What I loved about them was that they had a built-in control module.


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