Vont Dimmable Desk Lamp


  • Super smart: With 4 present lighting modes (Studying, Reading, Relaxing, Sleeping), 5 levels of smooth, non-flickering LED brightness and an integrated USB charging port, this desk lamp might be the smartest thing on your desk.
  • Auto off-timer: Smart desk lamp automatically turns off after one hour if you set the timer. Great for people who “promise” to turn the light out when they’re done reading, only to wake up 8 hours later…with the light on.
  • Sleek, modern design: Adjust the led lamp angle any way you want or use the foldable hinge to easily pack it away for storage. Desk lamp base measures at 6.75” X 7” x .5”
  • High led-life: 25 year of bulb lamp means this lamp will literally last you a lifetime. The LEDs are eco-friendly and efficient.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Your desk lamp is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, plus a 2-year guarantee against theft, defects or anything else you can think of.

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