Vont Spark Headlamp Rechargeable


Vont Spark Headlamp Rechargeable


Ignite your thrill for nocturnal adventures with this ultra-bright (rechargeable) headlamp featuring seven handy light modes, an IPX5-waterproof build, and an ergonomic 45° tilt emitting 180 Lumens of outdoor illumination.

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    With ultra-bright proprietary vleds with 180 Lumens, Spark can powerfully light up your spot, even in pitch black. Charge it for only 2.5 hours and use up to 90 hours with its pre-installed rechargeable batteries. Perfect for illuminating the entire campsite, road, or mountain.

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    The single button press makes it quick and easy to toggle through 7 light modes: Low/Medium/High/Strobe (Main Light) and Low/SOS/Strobe (Side Lights). With different modes, you can efficiently use the specific lighting you need.

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    COMFY 45° TILT

    Avoid straining or craning your neck with its ergonomic 45° light throw. Most headlamps are designed with an awkward 30° tilt that causes neck strain. Spark is the comfiest headlamp that also provides superb illumination.

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    Fits perfectly in the pocket with just 2.3 oz of weight. Bring in all your travels and never worry about storage space. Rated IPX5 Waterproof and vigorously tested in extreme conditions, it is robust, waterproof, and can handle outdoor beatings.

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    Great lights do more than just reveal what’s in front of you. Superb illumination makes life better by letting you showcase the subject and see the magic of the moment. More than ordinary bulbs, Vont ligh

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    Spark Headlamp keeps its promise of supreme quality by backing up with a lifetime warranty. Covered for life, it is warranted against loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product.

Rechargeable Spark
Rechargeable Spark
Rechargeable Spark

  • Rechargeable Spark

    Multifunction Versatility

    Used and trusted by professional bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, military, police and security personal, even search and rescue workforce, this innovative headlamp has proven to last long without jeopardizing performance and function.

  • Rechargeable Spark

    Uncompromised Durability

    The chic solar panel takes in all the sun power needed to boost the spotlight for nighttime. Perfect for those with a minimalist lifestyle. Saves tons of energy compared to electric spotlights. You can just stick it to the ground and let it work its magic work.

  • Rechargeable Spark

    Lifetime Premium-Quality

    More than just smart and good lights, our product line of headlamps, bike lights, and other illumination tools takes pride in providing you no less than total and complete satisfaction and an unmatched lifetime quality.

Tech Specs

Vont Spark Headlamp Rechargeable
  • Lumens 180
  • Weight 2.3 ounces
  • Dimensions 2.25 x 1.37 x 1.68 Inches
  • Bulb Type LED
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Strobe Mode Yes
  • Modes 7 Modes
  • Battery Life Up to 90 Hours
  • Power Source Built-in Rechargeable Battery


How is this different from the non-rechargeable one?

Vont Spark Rechargeable Headlamp has the same features as the non-rechargeable one except that it has a built-in rechargeable battery which gives additional weight but saves you money and lessens battery waste. 👌🏻

How many lumens does it have?

It has 180 lumens for high mode, 90 lm for medium, and 50 lm for low.

What is the red light for?

No, it’s not a laser beam. It’s for happier wildlife! You can use the red light if you want to preserve your night vision while still providing some light to see in the dark. Plus, it’s not as blinding as white light when used in the pitch dark.

The same goes for our animal friends in the wild. They will surely appreciate a mellow light as they roam or rest in their natural habitat. It’s also for SOS, among many things. So if you need help, it will be much easier to track you with a red flashing beacon. 🚨

How far does the light beam reach?

That’s 100 meters of beam distance. Meaning, your path is illuminated as far as the next campsite. Or just 9.63 seconds in the future for Usain Bolt. 🏃🏿

How long can the light last?

Charge it for only 2.5 hours and use up to 90 hours with its pre-installed rechargeable batteries. Perfect for illuminating the entire campsite, road, or mountain.

What's its waterproof rating?

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, Spark can withstand a low-pressure water stream from any angle and even heavy rain. Ready for some water action!

Does it have an adjustable angle?

Yes, you can adjust the headlamp up to a 45° tilt.

Can the strap be removed?

You can easily remove the strap by sliding it out of the little gap (from both sides) of the headlamp bracket. It’s designed with a sturdy yet comfortable stretch for complete ease in strap handling.

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