Vont Smart Bulb Color

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Vont Smart Bulb Color


Personalize your smart light bulbs to match your vibe. Choose from 16 million color options to induce creative play or intimate light. Connect instantly with WIFI or super fast Bluetooth 5.0 connection. No hub required.

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  • Lifetime warranty against defects

Your voice is the switch.

Your voice is the switch.

Voice Control

Just say the magic word for lax time or party. Vont Bulb Color - synced with Alexa & Google Assistant - will keep your routines on the roll.

Activate cozy mode.

Activate cozy mode.


Bulb Color’s Warm White feature creates a comfy atmosphere made for a relaxing night all to yourself.

Set the mood

Set the mood

Pre-set scenes

Pick a pre-set scene from intimate to fun and festive. With real-life emotions and themes, you can swiftly adjust to what the event calls for.

In one click.

In one click.

Group control

Sync and manage multiple smart devices - on the dot - without a hub. As you should - if you’re aiming for the ultimate vibe.

Your very own dimension.

Ready for the rave

Music is more felt with colorful lights that match the beat. Be the cool host, and set up Music Mode for the most epic sensory party with LEDs which dance to the beat via a built-in microphone.

Sleep routines

Fall asleep and wake up to routines which illuminate gradually according to time.


Vont RGBW bulb features 4 LEDs including a warm white option. While Vont RGBCW

Tech Specs

  • WEIGHT 1.94 ounces
  • DIMENSIONS 2.36 x 2.36 x 4.93 inches
  • WATTAGE ‎9 Watts
  • VOLTAGE 120 Volts (AC)
  • LUMINOUS FLUX 810 Lumen
  • AVERAGE LIFE 20000 Hours
  • CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi + Bluetooth


What's the difference between classic and pro versions?

Bulb Color Pro has all the fun features Bulb Color has – but made better with a Cool White option. In this upgrade, you may slide from Warm White to Cool White to help you prep for work or study time and spark some deep focus.✨

Can I switch my Vont Smart Bulb Color on/off even when I’m not at home?

Yep! One of its smart features is you’ll be able to control it through the Vont Home App wherever you are in the world - within WiFi range, of course. 😉

Do I need a 2.4 GHz network to link my smart devices with the Vont app?

That’s right! You need to connect your smart home devices to a 2.4 GHz network to get the most of your Vont Home app.

Can I create schedules?

Definitely! You can leave it to the Vont Home App to run scheduled functions you can thoroughly set. It’s that smart. 😎 Here's how:
1. Click Rules on the Vont Home app.
2. Click the + button then select Schedule.
3. Enter a name for your Schedule rule.
4. Click Add Event, then set a time for your schedule.
5. Click Add Action, choose a function, then click Confirm twice.
6. The rule can be activated/deactivated by toggling the on/off button.
Tip: Click on Repeat on days you’d like to activate the rule!

I'm having trouble connecting my bulb with Alexa/Google Assistant.

Connect with Amazon Alexa
1. Add and name your smart bulb on the Vont Home app.
2. Open your Alexa app, click More, then Skills & Games.
3. Search 🔍 Vont Home, then select Enable to Use.
4. Enter your registered email and password on the Vont Home Login Page.
• Can't find Vont Home?
◦ Select More, then choose Skills & Games.
◦ On the upper right, click EN (English-EN).
◦ Repeat steps 2-4.
5. Once linked, hit Close. You're good to go!

Vont didn't sync with Alexa?
1. On the Alexa app, select Devices then click + button.
2. Select Add Device, and choose one under All Devices.
3. Scroll down and select Other.
4. Click Discover Devices.
5. Select the Vont device you want to add, and voila!

Connect with Google Home
1. Add and Name your smart bulb on the Vont Home app.
2. Open your Google Home app then go to Home.
3. Click the + button, and select Set up device.
4. Tap Works with Google.
5. Search 🔍 Vont. Hit Link on the pop-up message.
6. Enter your registered email and password on the Vont Home Login Page.
7. Once linked, you'll see your device on the Home Control device list.
8. Enjoy!

Music Mode doesn't work on my bulb. What should I do?

1. Make sure the bluetooth on your mobile device is ON.
2. Make sure the firmware is up to date.
3. Sign out of the app and sign back in.
4. Uninstall and reinstall the Vont Home app.
5. Power cycle your Vont Smart Bulb Pro by turning it off and turning it on after 30 seconds.
6. If it's still not working, tap on the smart bulb, go to Settings, and then Delete Device. Add the device again.
7. Try using another mobile device.
*Only one bulb at a time can be used for Music Mode.

💌: If you're still having issues, please reach out to Vont’s Customer Satisfaction Wizards at support@vont.com, and we’ll take care of you.

Can I group it with other devices?

Yep! Group control has 3 parts:
Schedule - Set automated actions using time points for one or more devices.
Color Control - Set unified colors for multiple devices.
Power Switch Control - Turn multiple devices on or off.

Here are the steps:
Click the Rules option on the My Device page.
Click on the """"+"""" button on the top right corner, and choose the specific group control.
Name your group.
Drop down to add your strip lights.

How do I factory reset my bulb?

Just tap on the device on your app and go to Settings, then tap Delete Device.

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